Fundraising ideas for sport teams

Are you searching for fundraising ideas for athletic team? Sports teams of all ages are always looking for means to raise money to provide for and offset some of their cost. Sports, like  football, soccer, baseball, softball, or basketball always have equipment and uniform demands.

When you are looking for fundraising ideas for your sports teams, you should contemplate doing something that can be fun and something that puts the resources that you have on hand to good use.  Here are some ideas that you can used in order to raise money for your team.

Selling tickets and coupons- When you are dealing with fundraising programs, it works fantastic if you market the items so that people can get involved. There are many ways that you can market and sell your tickets.  You can even offer promotional discounts to large retailers. The majority of individuals shop at popular stores like Target, Walmart, Staples, as well as CVS. If you can get any of these retailers to offer your tickets and coupons at their local store, it will help you tremendously to raise money for your team.  Merchants usually like to help youth league teams in their neighborhood.

Selling goodies- Everyone enjoys candy, cookies and other pastries. Sunday is the best day to sell these goodies at local Churches and at the park. Selling these goodies at location where there are a lot of people will allow you to sell as much as possible.

Car wash – a car wash is one best way to earn money for a team. There are lots of people who are willing to give and donate money for a certain cause and they get something in return.  Who doesn’t need to get their car wash?  It especially makes things easier when it is for a good cause like helping a local kids team.

Positive Things To Sell

There are many ways that you can do to try to raise money for your kids school, activities, or social group.  But, before you run off and start planning those activities you should consider your kids.  Try to do something that will have a positive impact on them.  There is a good chance that whatever you are going to do, your kids will be part of the process.  So select something that will have a positive impact on them.

For example, many organizations sell cookies and candy to raise money.  I know it is hard to turn down a cute child’s request to sell you some chocolate candy.  And we all know as parents, we end up buying a few from our kids, only to leave them laying around the house – and eventually get eaten by our kids.  As parents, we tell our kids that candy and too much sweets are bad for them.  It would be too face for us to then use the same thing that we warn them about as a vehicle to help raise money for a worthy cause.

It’s one thing to say something is bad but another to say, I know it is bad for you but let’s use it to get others to give us money.  I think doing so will only reinforce the belief that sweets and candy are really good.

So try to sell something that is positive for your kids.  People, if they want to help will buy almost anything because they want to help the cause.  They aren’t buying it so much as because they really want the item that you are selling.  It’s just an excuse to get the donation.  In the next few days, I will give you some items to sell.  But to start, consider selling candies, first aid kits, coupons, and balloons.  Hope that helps get your mind thinking of new and different things.


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